Fox Body Mustang Side Mirror Replacement

I recently discovered that the passenger side mirror on my Fox Mustang was not functioning as intended. It wasn’t a huge deal, as it was mostly still of use but it was bugging me so I went ahead and ordered a replacement mirror set from LMR (made my 5.0 Resto). I found time yesterday to finish the installation (just the passenger side for now) and added a video documenting the process to the Taco Potato Mustang YouTube channel:

Obviously, this is not the most complex or challenging of jobs but I learned a few things along the way and it felt good to make SOME progress on the Fox Mustang, even if it was pretty minor. I’m hoping to make some more substantial progress one of these days or weekends when the weather isn’t super cold.

As I’m writing this, it occurred to me that maybe I should do a better job of taking photos (in addition to the recording) during install processes so I can help create some more helpful tutorials. Thanks for reading and watching!

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