Ramblings from the Taco Potato Mustang Garage

I added a new video to the Garage Vlogs playlist on the Taco Potato Mustang YouTube channel the week before last. It’s mostly just me rambling and brainstorming out loud about plans for both the DudeStang and the Fox Mustang Project. More to come. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

Crossover Shopping Follow Up – Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda

I’ve been meaning to write this post for almost two months now. As I sat on my couch waiting for the Bahrain Grand Prix to start this past weekend, I figured I should probably try and get it done. As mentioned in a few previous posts and videos, my wife and I bought a new […]

Flight of the Chocobo at the Jackleg Sandwich Company

My wife and I recently had some errands to run in Culpeper, Virginia and discovered a really cool spot called the Jackleg Sandwich Company. I’m always up for a new sandwich experience AND we happened to be there on a Sunday evening, which is “wing night” at Jackleg. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and […]

SVE Jack Pad Kit Review

I recently picked up the SVE Jack Pad kit from Late Model Restoration. It’s advertised as being intended for 1979-2020 Mustangs but I imagine it could be put to use on many other vehicles that have pinch welds. When I first started tinkering on my 2014 Mustang, I walked into probably half a dozen different […]


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