The latest addition to the Fox Mustang project car, briefly previewed in the last TPM vlog, is a game changer. Out with the old school ash tray and in with the cupholders! More details on the upgrade and installation are in my latest video on the Taco Potato Mustang YouTube Channel: Needless to say, I’m […]

High Flow Cats: TPM Vlog No. 6

When I bought my 1988 Mustang GT, it had a few modifications that had been done by one of the previous owners. One of those mods included an “off-road” X pipe as part of an upgraded exhaust system. I was not a fan of the strong gasoline-ish smell from the car, that seemed to be […]

The Ch’King

Undeterred by previous failed attempts, I finally was able to try Burger King’s take on the southern style chicken sandwich, the “Ch’King” and did a brief review in my latest video on the Taco Potato Mustang YouTube channel:

Adding Technology to a Dinosaur

For the last few months, I almost had myself convinced that I was fine having a soulless, non-functional hole in place of where the stereo head unit used to be in the Fox Mustang. My friend Jorge sent me a photo of a newly installed head unit in his WRX STI, with the Apple Car […]


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