New York Times Two

We took two trips to New York this summer. The first was upstate, in the Rochester Metropolitan Area, a place we’ve visited a few times before. On this trip though, we visited a small town called Pittsford for the first time. By small town, I actually mean a village because the population is apparently less than 2,000 people. Pittsford is situated on the Erie Canal and is allegedly the oldest village in New York state, having been incorporated in 1827. It is a beautiful little place, at least in the summer.

We walked around what I suppose could be called the downtown area, along the canal and had a nice breakfast sandwich from Village Bakery.

Look at this thing. It was huge and delicious.

There were also some pretty cool boats docked on the canal. I really liked this one in particular:

And we spotted some nice and interesting automobiles:

If you’re ever in the Rochester area, Pittsford is worth a stop for a day trip. Also, this ice cream is excellent:

Our second trip to New York was my first time to New York City since before the COVID pandemic. It was also our first time taking the Subaru to NYC and Lady’s first time in NYC. During our last trip to NYC in 2019, we were in Manhattan the entire time. This time around, we stayed with a friend who lives in Brooklyn, on the north side of Prospect Park. Aside from driving through on our way into and out of Brooklyn, we didn’t spend any time in Manhattan on this trip.

Our time in Brooklyn consisted of trying food at restaurants that our friend Chris had sampled since moving to his new apartment. Everything was great. We had pretty solid tacos at Alta Calidad and tasty sandwiches at Bahnmigos.

We also tried Burmese cuisine for the first time (my first time at least) at a placed called Rangoon. I have spent a fair amount of time in SE Asia but never made it to Myanmar/Burma and had never tried the food. I am now most definitely a fan. I understand this place has already become very popular in Brooklyn so I’ll just say that while everything I tried was delicious, I particularly enjoyed the fritters and garlic noodle.

We didn’t drive anywhere the whole 48+ hours we were in NYC but we did spot some interesting personal vehicles:

We also had a bit of an afternoon barbeque on our friend’s rooftop, which had some pretty nice views.

We’re looking forward to visiting both upstate New York and the Big Apple again in the future.

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