New WRX and Mustang Updates Garage Vlog

Last week I visited the local Subaru dealership to have our Forester serviced. While I waited in the showroom, I had a chance to check out the 2022 WRX for the first time in person. The latest iteration of Subaru’s turbocharged sports sedan has been the subject of some controversy since the design was revealed. I understand some of the griping but I also think that in the age of social media, when everyone can have an opinion (and “edgy” opinions generate more clicks and attention), people are just looking for things to complain about. Also, if you go back and look at initial responses to past designs of the WRX, you can most certainly find a plethora of people complaining loudly. That all being said, when I saw the new design, I thought it looked fine. After seeing it in person, I appreciate it even more.

Even these pictures, taken by yours truly, don’t really capture the best lines of the design or the nice colors. I generally don’t get excited about silver or gray cars, particularly with darker wheels, but this color combination looks really great up close and I think the black cladding/accents are a nice compliment to the shade of silver. The wheel designs are imperfect but I think they work well with the car’s overall design:

The color of the wheels looks much better in person IMO

Nobody from sales was at the dealership since it was pretty early in the morning. Even if it had been later, I’m not sure they would have let me drive what appeared to be the only brand new WRX at the dealership. The doors were unlocked so I got in and checked out the interior. As I expected after reading about the new car in magazines, my biggest complaint was the massive iPad-like touch screen for the infotainment system.

My wife and I were familiar with this design from when we test drove the 2021 Subaru Outback. We much prefer the dual screen setup that came with our Forester (as well as previous generation WRXs) but it does seem like most automakers are going in the direction of touchscreen everything. More buttons and dials for me please. How about less stuff buried in touchscreen menus so people aren’t distracted while trying to do what are supposed to be simple tasks such as turning on heated seats.

The rest of the interior was fine. It reminds me of the Forester and other Subarus I’ve driven in recent years, which is to say it is nice enough. I really like the shifter action (and hope to drive one eventually). The shifter on the 2021 WRX STI I test drove last year was one of my favorite things about that car. The steering wheel is very attractive and feels great in your hands.

The seats are reasonably comfortable but another thing I would complain about (at least on the trim of the vehicle I sat in) is the lack of adjustable lumbar support. I assume at least one available trim will have this option.

Anyways, obviously my perspective is pretty limited given that I haven’t driven one yet. For a more detailed perspective overall, including the driving experience, I recommend checking out this recent piece by one of my favorite automotive writers, Elana Scherr.

In Mustang related news, I uploaded my newest Taco Potato Mustang garage vlog a couple of days ago:

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching. Cheers.

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