A New Addition

For folks who subscribe to the channel but haven’t seen the latest Fox Body Mustang vlog, spoiler alert…..my wife and I had a baby!!!

In case you want to see anything else from the brief Taco Potato garage update, here’s the latest video:

Our son was born two weeks ago and it’s been a pretty wild roller coaster ride but we couldn’t be happier. Everyone is healthy and we’re all getting adjusted. Our dog Lady has been trying to figure out how she’s supposed to interact with the baby but so far she appears to just really like being in close proximity to him, wherever he is. It’s very sweet.

I don’t anticipate having nearly as much time for writing, video editing, and working in the garage, but I’ll try to keep the Taco Potato Mustang blog and YouTube channel updated with any progress. I did manage to find some time to try out one of Wendy’s latest offerings in the chicken sandwich zone recently. My review of the “Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich” is up on the channel here:

In news that I haven’t documented via video yet, I am happy to report that as of last night, it appears that I managed to fix the Fox Mustang’s exhaust leak, at least temporarily. I also ordered a PCV valve to upper intake hose, which I think might need to be replaced. I am not convinced it will solve the extensive oil leakage but I am hoping it will help at least a bit.

Anyways, I have a lot I want to write about and make videos on in the coming months but my time will be limited. Thanks for reading and watching and keep an eye out for more.

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