Fox Body Mustang PCV Valve Replacement

I recently finished replacing the PCV valve, screen, and grommet on the Fox Body Mustang. These are of course parts that I didn’t even know existed until fairly recently. Thanks to the Fox Mustang hive mind on the Stang Net forums and a Fox Body Mustang Project WordPress blog, I was able to get it figured out. More details on that process in my latest vlog:

Quick update on the fundraising campaign for the Bangladesh-based Subornogram Foundation: We reached close to half of our goal a couple of weeks ago and given the time it took to get to that point, I went ahead and transferred the funds to Shahed Kayes in Sonargaon. I’ve asked Shahed to keep me updated on how the start of the semester goes and how the funds are being utilized. We’re keeping the GoFundMe campaign page open in hopes of receiving additional donations. Anything you can contribute will help. Thanks again.

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