Fox Body Back But Everything is Leaking

If you follow my Instagram and or have caught my last few videos, you likely know that I recently got the Fox Body Mustang back after almost a month in the shop. Initially, I was pretty excited to get the car back and finally drive it again after a few weeks of not seeing or using it. Unfortunately, my excitement didn’t last too long, for reasons I explain in my latest video:

I’m hoping to get things sorted out as soon as the weather warms up a little bit. More to come as problem solving begins. Thanks for watching and feel free to chime in on the video comments if you have any suggestions.

In other news, we’re almost halfway to our fundraising goal for the Subornogram Foundation in Bangladesh. Thanks to everyone who has donated and spread the word so far. We still need more donations and will be keeping the fundraiser open as long as we can.

Every little bit helps so please donate and share if you can. Thank you!

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