Knowing My Limits…For Now (Rear End Gears)

If you’ve been following the Fox Mustang project on the Taco Potato Mustang channel, you might recall that a couple of friends sent me a 4.10 ring and pinion as a Christmas gift last year. 4.10 gears for the Fox Mustang would not have been my first choice but I decided to just go with it and at least give them a try. After reading a bit on the installation process and watching some videos, I decided that this was probably something I would leave to the professionals to get installed. There have been a lot of things I would have been too scared to try before and I thought this through a few times before confirming that it wasn’t something I felt comfortable trying on my own.

Unfortunately, it took me almost a year to find a reputable shop (recommended by a fellow Mustang owner) willing to install the gears for a reasonable price. I ordered the rest of the parts I needed for the installation and once I finally had them in hand, I made plans to drop the car off at the gear shop.

Some day, I’d love to learn how to switch out gears on a Mustang rear end but for now, I’m just focused on making sure the job gets done right.

A few days ago, I drove the Fox the longest distance/time I’ve driven since the day that I picked it up and drove it home. I made a short video documenting my feelings after that drive on my Instagram account here. Needless to say, I plan to add “fix the cruise control functionality” to my list of things to do.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to experiencing how the Fox drives with 4.10 gears versus the (what I believe to be) 2.73 gears the car came with. It is possible that a previous owner switched them out for something else like a 3.08 or 3.27 but I can’t say for certain.

Anyways, thanks for reading. FYI, I’m still soliciting donations for my project to support children’s education in rural Bangladesh. Every little bit counts. Please see more details on the Go Fund Me campaign page here:

Thanks for your support and please help spread the word!

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