Fox Mustang: Rear Bumper Cover Replacement

Most of the focus on my Fox Mustang project car has been on getting it functioning mechanically, as safely and efficiently as possible. Visually, the car is far from perfect but for being 33 years old and driven almost 150k miles, it’s in pretty decent shape. While I’m trying to remain focused on the mechanical stuff, I do want it to eventually look better as well. Since I bought it around 15 months ago, the most glaringly obvious flaw on the car’s exterior has been the rear bumper cover. Finding an original replacement part has been a challenge so I eventually just decided I’d try a new replacement….and then saw they were out of stock. Fortunately, I was able to put a stock alert on the bumper cover and a couple of weeks ago, I ordered one. This brings us to my latest video on the TacoPotatoMustang YouTube channel, where I document the process of removing the damaged bumper cover and checking to see if the new replacement cover will actually fit (before having it painted). Here’s the latest:

Thanks for reading. Thanks for watching. More to come soon.

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