The Quesalupa, Lady’s Birthday, and an Orange Corvette Cameo

A couple of nights ago, a friend was asking me why I stopped doing my chicken sandwich/fast food review videos. I didn’t really have a good excuse but for some reason it did spur me to revisit my first blog post which was incidentally four years ago yesterday AND about the first time I tried the Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell. I posted on Twitter noting the anniversary of my first blog post, which somehow led me on this path to blogging and making videos, mostly about cars. When I first started the blog, my intent was to make time to utilize my creative energy and focus on things that make me happy – hence the odd (some might say) name for my blog and eventual YouTube channel. I like tacos, potatoes, and Mustangs. Obviously I like many other things too but at the time it seemed like a blog named “Taco Potato Burrito Sandwich Traveling Marvel Comics Marvel Movies Basketball High Fives Green T-shirts Dogs Mustang” might be a bit excessive. Maybe I’ll revisit an expansion at a later date.

Backing up a bit – my post on Twitter led a friend to note something vague about Taco Bell tomorrow (today). I had to do a search but I quickly figured out he was referring to the return of the QUESALUPA! My ignorance on the existence of this cheesy snack is most certainly an indictment of my qualifications as any sort of expert on Taco Bell. I made a mental (and written) note to make time for a visit to the Bell over the weekend.

Ignore my chicken scratch. My handwriting is only this awful sometimes.

Today is our dog Lady’s 4th birthday (approximately – we’ve only had her for just under a year) and much to her dismay, a day on which she had an appointment scheduled at the vet. Everything was fine but she wasn’t particularly thrilled to be there, despite that look on her face.

As we were leaving the appointment, I spotted this orange monster in the parking lot. To the owner of this beast – you picked the right color. Well done. The new C8 Corvettes are really cool but I do still love the C7, especially the C7 ZO6.

Excellent color choice for this beast

I hadn’t had lunch yet and there were two Taco Bell options between the vet’s office and my house. At the first Taco Bell, it seemed everyone had the same idea. There were about 6-7 cars in the drive thru line so I pointed the Subaru in the direction of home in hopes of the other Taco Bell being less busy.

Fortunately, the second Taco Bell was less busy AND had an updated drive-thru menu advertising the return of the quesalupa. I’d write more details but you can find them in my newest video here:

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