Misc. Fox & Tales from the Taco Potato Mustang Garage

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much work in the garage lately, partly because the freezing temperatures and partly because I’ve been so busy with my day job. I did find a little bit of time recently to add some sticker power to the Fox Mustang and I also learned that something as simple as a door latch striker is not so simple. For more details, check out one of my latest videos:

Given the lack of time and progress on my project car, I’ve been bouncing around the idea of doing a somewhat regular set of vlogs for the channel. I suppose it would just be a separate playlist where I share miscellaneous updates from the garage or talk about other car related topics, sort of separate from the actual project/install/update videos. Another recent video I uploaded could be the first of that series:

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to write a bit more in detail about all the vehicles my wife and test drove. I am still hoping to find time to do that soon. Keep an eye out for that update, one of these days. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

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