Drivin’ Theater Movie Review: 2Fast 2Furious

Talon Homer, a gentleman that I came in contact with on the Twitterverse, is a fellow car person. I started following him after reading his writing in Car & Driver. Check out his piece here on replicating famous Hollywood cars: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a32747717/iconic-movie-car-replicas/

Talon is starting a new project on YouTube called Drivin’ Theater, which is a show that will be discussing/reviewing movies that largely have a car focus. I was fortunate to be a guest on the first episode, along with Yuri Tereshyn, who runs another car-focused channel called “The Straight Pipes”. It was kind of funny – while I was on the video call recording the video, I kept thinking to myself that Yuri looked familiar. I checked out his channel later and realized I had actually watched and enjoyed a few videos of his before. I particularly liked his video on the storage capacity of the new Civic Type R. If you’re even remotely into cars, his channel is worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheStraightPipes

Anyways, for the first episode the movie that we discussed was 2Fast 2Furious, which came out in 2003. It is the second film in the Fast and Furious universe and also the only one in which Vin Diesel does not appear. Ironically, it is my least favorite movie in the series, but it was fun to re-watch the movie again with the intention of discussing with a couple of other car enthusiasts. Yuri made some pretty convincing arguments for its place in the hierarchy but I still feel like it ranks towards the bottom. Anyways, here’s the video. It was fun to make and I think you’ll find the discussion pretty entertaining:

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