Fox Mustang Project Planning

Since successful completion of the power steering pump replacement, I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming what I should do next to the Fox Mustang. I want to claim that I’ve had a semblance of a plan since I started the project but the truth is that a lot of the progress made has been addressing things as they come to my attention. A fair amount of those things only came to my attention because of folks responding to my various build threads on Mustang forums and viewers who have commented on my videos. So in an attempt to take advantage of those folks who have been so willing to engage throughout my project to date, my last two videos are a combination of brainstorming/thinking out loud and soliciting input from the Fox Mustang hive mind.

I received a lot of good input on the first video, which I published last week. One of the more notable suggestions was to focus on one system or element of the car at a time and get it fixed/upgraded before moving on to something else. In retrospect, this seems simple and makes a lot of sense but maybe it was just helpful to see it in plain writing. I still have more detailed planning to do but for now, my plan is to proceed on that path, which I discuss a bit more in detail in the follow-up planning video here:

Now it’s just a matter of waiting on parts to arrive and mapping out installation processes before finding the time to get started. In the meanwhile, I do plan to install a part that has already arrived – this short throw shifter from SVE:

Keep an eye out for more progress on the Fox Mustang project. Thanks for watching and reading.

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