Cheap “New” Wheels Acquired

Over the past few months, I had been saving for a new set of wheels and tires for the Fox Mustang project car. For a while I was planning to order a sort of pre-packaged wheel and tire set from one of the big Mustang part vendors like Late Model Restoration or American Muscle. Last week I came across a cheap set of factory “Pony” wheels on Craigslist. The Pony wheels came on some factory 1993 Mustangs and they are a slight upgrade in terms of size (and available tires) over the factory “turbine” style wheels that came on my 1988 GT. I admit, these weren’t my first choice but I do prefer the clean look of factory style wheels on Mustangs. Craigslist is kind of a crapshoot but fortunately the guy who posted the Pony wheels was quick to respond and we set a time to meet for the exchange. He drove a really clean 1993 Mustang in black and was also a recently new owner of his first Fox Mustang.

Clean Black GT with the 1993 Cobra wheels = excellent

Despite the frigid temperature, we talked Fox Mustangs and exchanged maintenance stories. He was a nice guy and seemed pretty knowledgeable about cars in general. I also really appreciated that he brought the wheels in his Fox, showing off the stunning practicality of America’s pony car.

I was also able to once again show off the amazing practicality of the DudeStang.

I probably could have fit all four wheels in the trunk but I threw the last one in the back seat. Hashtag versatility

Initially I thought that the wheels needed a bit of work but upon closer inspection, they are in really great shape overall and the only thing it seems I really need to do is either repaint or replace the center caps. I also need to make a decision on which tires to buy but hopefully I’ll get to that before spring arrives.

Anyways, I made a brief video about picking up the wheels, along with a few other updates on both the DudeStang and the Fox. Thanks for reading, thanks for watching.

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