Fuel Tank Fix Part 1 & Diff Fluid Flush

A few weeks ago, I noticed some dark stains on the floor of the garage underneath the Fox Body. After poking around and bugging folks on the Mustang forums, it was determined this was likely the result of a fuel leak. I had filled the tank recently (all the way full for the first time since buying the car) and it seems that fuel had been leaking onto the pads that are on top of the fuel tank, long enough to deteriorate the material and in this instance after filling up, drip down the tank and onto the floor.

Some investigation revealed there was at least some leakage around the grommet where the fuel filler neck is inserted into the fuel tank.

Ignore the spider and cobwebs

Uncertain if that was the only source of the leak, I went ahead and dropped the fuel tank to take a look at everything else that could be potentially leaking or need to be replaced.

Here’s what the top of the fuel tank looked like right after dropping it:

Note the three pads, all looking pretty worn

I removed the old pads, replaced the fuel tank lock ring and o ring, replaced the vapor valve seal, the filler neck grommet, cleaned up the tank a bit, and added new pads.

I forgot to take a picture after putting the new pads on but you can see some improvement here + the new vapor valve seal and filler neck grommet

While I had the fuel tank out, I went ahead and drained the rear differential fluid since I had no record of when it was done last. I recorded a fair amount of that process, as well as some of my candid thoughts along the way, for my latest video on the TacoPotatoMustang YouTube channel. Check it out and let me know what you think:

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching. More updates on the Fox Body Mustang project coming soon!

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