Raptor Video & Ram-Air Install

As mentioned in my last post, I recorded some of my experience driving the Ford F150 Raptor across the country. I didn’t do as thorough of a review as I would have liked but we were kind of in a hurry and the whole experience was exhausting. Anyways, here’s my video of that experience from the TacoPotatoMustang YouTube channel:

In other news, on the Fox Body Mustang Project front, I recently found time to install a ram-air kit from Cervini’s on the ram-air hood (that was already on the car when I bought it). This kit is supposed to be good for some additional horsepower but I’m also hoping it will help avoid water dripping onto the battery, ignition coil, and other wiring on the driver side of the car. A few months back, I took the Fox through a car wash and it died. Needless to say, pushing a car out of a car wash by myself was a bit of a challenge.

Here’s how the underside of the hood looks now, and the updated airbox:

Anyways, this is more of a tutorial style video on the installation process, because I wasn’t able to find a video of anyone else doing this install. Hopefully some folks can learn from my experience if they do a similar mod to their Mustang (or other car that has ram-air offerings available).

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