The DudeStang – Steeda S197 Clutch Spring Assist

My latest garage progress continues with my 2014 Mustang GT, AKA the DudeStang. This week, I added something I most certainly should have added years ago when I first bought the car – a Steeda clutch spring assist (or clutch assist spring, I’ve seen it called both). I have a bad left knee due to an injury from many years back. It hasn’t been an issue when it comes to driving manual cars until more recently. I think this may be partially due to driving both the Fox Body and the DudeStang. I don’t drive the Fox Body all the time but it does have a pretty heavy clutch. Here’s the latest video from my YouTube channel, with more details:

I have only driven the car a few times since installing but initial results are positive. The clutch requires less effort to engage. Hopefully this will help with future knee pain. A viewer with some experience with Fox Body Mustangs suggested a clutch cable package from Maximum Motorsports so I’ll be looking into that at some point.

On the subject of the Fox Body, I do have plans to start working on the suspension this coming weekend, as well as working on cleaning up the undercarriage to better identify the source of the oil leaks. I’ll be documenting those efforts for the YouTube channel of course. Stand by for more updates. Cheers.

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