Rebelle Rally Team Offering Free Race Engineering Workshops for Girls

I listened to a podcast interview with some women who participated in the Rebelle Rally recently (maybe on The Smoking Tire?) and just came across this article on Twitter. For any of my readers that have girls aged 9-17 in the family, this is worth sharing with them. Sounds like an awesome learning opportunity.

“Team Ponderosa driver Erin Vogel and navigator Sara Swenson will coach middle- and high school-age girls 9-17 in a variety of racing-related topics over a series of Athena Racing-hosted workshops over five weeks. The aim is to provide female students with mentors and real-world examples of careers that women can pursue in technology and racing.

The weekly workshops commence Sept. 8, and registration for participants ends Sept. 5. Students will need their own email and Zoom accounts to register for the workshops.”


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