Fox Body Updates and Late Summer Thoughts

The last few weeks have been challenging in terms of my ability to make substantial progress on the Fox Body Mustang project. After installing a new brake booster and a new brake master cylinder, I attempted to bleed the brakes twice and am still dealing with a soft/squishy pedal feel. After more browsing/reading, I finally ended up ordering a powerbleeder from Motive Performance. I am hoping this will do the trick in terms of getting the brakes bled successfully. IMG-3162

In the meanwhile, for folks interested in learning more about the details of my latest challenges, I documented them for my last two YouTube videos.

I am hoping to give the powerbleeder a try this coming week and assuming that I can finally get the brakes wrapped up, I am looking forward to driving the car for at least a few days before I get to work upgrading the suspension.

I had been planning to try and get the Fox Body well-sorted enough to attend at least one track day or autocross event before the winter but I have been seeing a lot of events closing due to COVID-19. This is understandable but I try to remain optimistic that I might still get a chance to see what the Fox can do in the not too distant future. Fingers crossed.

On a somewhat Fox-related note…I came across this article recently about the origins of the fuel fill arrow gas gauge:

This piece caught my attention because on the day when I first bought the Fox Body, I had to fill up the tank before driving it home. Having driven a 2014 Ford Mustang for the previous almost six years, with the fuel fill door on the driver’s side, I assumed a 1988 Ford Mustang would have the same layout. Upon getting out of the car, I was surprised and slightly embarrassed to discover that the fuel fill door was on the other side. Fortunately I did not make the same mistakes as this poor soul. Apparently it was around 1988-1989 that Ford switched to putting most fuel fill doors on the driver’s side, according to some random person on a Ford Mustang forum. I haven’t independently confirmed that claim yet but will be sure to update this post if/when I do.

Anyways, it’s a wild and uncertain time to be alive on planet earth. Maintain safe social distancing, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Hope you’re staying healthy and safe. Thanks for reading. Cheers.


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