Puppy Departure & Fox Body Mustang Progress

After seven weeks, the last two of which were pretty bonkers, we finally said goodbye to the foster puppy goon squad. We had a lot of fun times but we also lost a lot of sleep and probably gained quite a few gray hairs. We’re glad we could help out the Fredericksburg SPCA, but not so sure we’ll be repeating the experience any time again. A couple of puppies are a lot to manage. Six puppies was overwhelming. As of last Friday, Lady’s puppies are all with their next foster homes and last I heard, at least one had found a forever home. Here’s a few of my favorite recent pics.


Partially due to the puppies, I wasn’t able to make a ton of progress on the Fox Body Mustang project. I did manage to do a few small things and record, edit, and publish some new videos though. Have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for watching and for reading!

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