Argentina Continued – Glacier Trekking

Continuing from my last post on our Argentina trip (in February, pre-COVID 19 travel restrictions) – once we landed on the glacier side of the water, we were given helmets and climbing harnesses. From the beach, we hiked a beautiful trail that ran alongside the glacier, stopping briefly to drink some fresh spring water and to take some photos.

We were given crampons before stepping onto the glacier. Safety first.


The next three plus hours were spent trekking all over the glacier. It was cold, windy, and exhausting, but also absolutely invigorating. The views, the colors (the blues especially), the sensory overload, and the blue hues. Did I mention the blue? Look at it. It looks like windshield wiper fluid but it’s natural!

IMG-0258 (1)


We ate our lunch in a spot that was as good as any on the glacier, close to this little “river”.



Beyond the cold temps, wind, and whole being in motion, it was so exhausting because you brain is just being worked the entire time. Going up and down steep grades in the crampons requires constant attentiveness, so you avoid spraining or breaking an ankle. I think I managed to only fall once the entire trek but I tend to be more on the careful side. If you ever find yourself in Calafate, I highly recommend doing one of the treks that puts you further onto the glacier. We saw some tourist groups that only went onto the glacier briefly and not very far. I’m sure they had a nice experience as well but being so far onto the glacier felt like being on a different planet. It was incredible. Also, did I mention exhausting?


The remainder of our time in Calafate wasn’t quite as intense. We walked around the town center area some more, tried some restaurants, and also ended up doing a short hosted tour near Lago Argentino. The tour also included an educational element visiting some eons old cave painting sites near the coast of the lake. Again with the amazing colors.



Why don’t we get cool, quirky VW pickup trucks like this in the U.S.?


Calafate is amazing. Add it to your bucket list. When the world is hopefully more “back to normal” some day, you should visit. Thanks for reading.

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