Fox Body Updates

Readers, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe during this crazy, scary time. Remember to listen to the medical experts and stay home unless you absolutely have to go out.

The one upside to being under stay-at-home orders has been that I’ve been able to spend more time in the evenings working on my project car, the Fox Body Mustang. I’ve also made a few new videos with the DudeStang, my 2014 Mustang GT. Here are the latest from the TacoPotatoMustang YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching and if you’re new to the channel and like my videos, please subscribe.

DudeStang muffler/exhaust shenanigans:

Fox Body Project updates:

And a combination – oil change on the DudeStang and an update on the Fox Body battery not holding a charge situation. If you’re not interested in an oil change “tutorial”, I recommend skipping to the 6:32 mark for a special guest cameo appearance and to the 9:00 mark for an interesting update on the Fox Body battery.


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