Help Save Moon Bears Rescued from Bile Farms

Hi friends, family, followers! My very good friend Jonathan Lorenzo, who is currently working with endangered and at risk pangolins in Vietnam, is raising funds for his upcoming trip to China to help provide medical care for moon bears who have been rescued from bile farms. Jonathan is a passionate, intelligent, and hard-working animal conservationist with almost twenty years of experience working with animals in various capacities, including as a vet tech for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo in New York.


Look at this badass dude. That’s a pangolin Jonathan is holding. 

If you can donate a few bucks, it will go a long way. I can personally vouch for Jonathan and am in contact with him regularly so feel free to contact me if you have any questions about making a donation to this campaign. Also, you can follow Jonathan on Instagram here: JonathanZooLife. The link to his fund raising page can be found here (also copying the narrative text below):

“Hello Everyone! I am officially fundraising for the last bit of financial help needed for expenses on my 3 months of volunteer medical aid in China this spring/summer to help save and return a quality of life to asiatic bears rescued from bile farms. These bears are often taken from the wild while young, having mother killed, and live many years in unthinkable conditions that do not provide enrichment or any decency for these highly intelligent omnivores. This horrible practice is largely illegal but still persists with poor enforcement and lack of caretakers. Please help me come to the aid of threatened wildlife and help these bears with medical triage, necessary surgery, supportive care, behavioral rehabilitation and advocacy to increase the awareness of the plight of these sweet bears who deserve much better. By supporting me in this and talking to others about the truth about bile farms you are helping to end the cruelty they commit and the uninformed demand fueling this mostly unfounded and completely unsustainable and unethical drive in traditional medicine.

Personally, I was accepted as a professional volunteer for the Animals Asia foundation for this time last April 2019 to assist them in April, May and June of 2020 and have already paid for airfare for 2 legs of my journey plus travelers insurance and have my invitation letter from government which will lead to my visa being issued in about a months time. I am now completely broke though and all of my volunteered efforts in wildlife conservation in Vietnam and China from 2019 through half of 2020 are unpaid.  Given this I truly need to ask for financial support to buying the last bit of my airfare plus have some money to purchase meals for myself over those 3 months. My estimation is that $1500 should cover all of this. If I could get 100 people to donate $15 dollars then I’d be there with little strain to anyone else. Please help me help these poor bears that need a boost in life after the physical, emotional and psychological stress they have been put through by poachers and consumers of bear bile products. Thank you for your kindness in advance.”

Thanks for reading and for any potential donations that can support Jonathan’s important work!

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