Steel City, continued

Picking up where I left off on the first part, I wanted to make a note about a great restaurant we went to for dinner the second night we were in Pittsburgh. This was one of the places that wasn’t actually on the list of recommendations from my work friend. I think my wife found it just doing a search for sushi nearby. The Warren is a fucking gem. It’s a divey looking sports bar that was playing punk music the whole time we were there but had football on every screen…and their sushi was surprisingly delicious. My wife wanted me to tone it down a bit with this description because she thought it was just “pretty good” but not remarkable. I’m stickin’ with surprisingly delicious though.

Another part of our trip I forgot to include in the first post – when we were walking back to our hotel after checking out Warhol, Mattress Factory, and Randyland, we walked through beautiful Allegheny Commons Park West:


And we also stopped in Point State Park, the tip of Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle”:

DSC_0661DSC_0656fd10feb1-516b-49e2-8519-cb74c5fb926b (1)DSC_0676DSC_0672

Visiting Point State Park was a little bittersweet since we had such fond memories of visiting there with Jack during our first trip to Pittsburgh three years ago.

IMG_5075 (1)



With the late, great Jack on our first trip to Pittsburgh in 2016


Look at that smile!


For our last morning in Pittsburgh, we went to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I think this might be the largest botanical garden I’ve ever been to and despite being in the middle of major changes to exhibits and certain areas of the gardens, it was absolutely stunning. We spent a couple of hours walking around enjoying the beautiful flora and blown glass sculptures. The pictures don’t do the experience justice but they portray it more beautifully than any words I could drum up.


Mordor…er, the Tower of Learning




Pittsburgh is an awesome city and we were glad we got to spend another few days there. The city has so much beautiful, well-maintained architecture, a variety of delicious restaurants, incredible displays of artistry, and lovely parks. If you’ve never been to the Steel City, you should definitely make the trip. We’ll most certainly be visiting again.


Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, Pittsburgh

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