Ford Mustang Mach E

Tonight, Ford held an event to officially launch their new electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach E. This is the first time in its 55 year history that the Mustang badge and name have been attached to anything other than a front engine, rear wheel drive coupe. As I understand it, this is also Ford’s first fully electric vehicle (for mass, nation wide production). Generally, I can’t say I’ve been super excited about SUVs or electric vehicles (though I did drive a Tesla Model S P85D one time and overall, it was a very impressive vehicle with crazy acceleration) but this appears to be a game changer. I took these screenshots on my phone while I was watching the reveal earlier tonight:

There’s no doubt that Tesla is way ahead of many other auto manufacturers in the EV (electric vehicle) game and they are certainly responsible for making EVs cool, and probably for pushing the market to produce more electric cars sooner. However, their vehicles are pretty expensive. The Model S, while still a beautiful design, it’s been around in it’s current iteration since 2012 and is in need of a re-design, or at the very least a refresh. The Model 3 has a lot of upside but it’s not on the same level as the Model S. They are growing on me though, especially with the premium wheels, and the price seems like a pretty good value. The Model X is no doubt a cool vehicle from a technology and performance standpoint but it is not attractive and it STARTS at $81,000. That’s a hefty chunk of change.

Ford has set the expectations pretty high with the launch of the Mustang Mach E but my initial impression is very positive. It looks good, it has the Mustang name, and if Ford’s claims on the tech, the range, and the performance are accurate, it will be a great overall vehicle for the price. A starting MSRP of $43k isn’t cheap but given what it is competing with and what it’s supposed to include, it seems reasonable. Consider me interested.

Anyways, Mike Spinelli at The Drive managed to already have this detailed piece, complete with a bunch of official photos from Ford. Check it out by clicking here.


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