American Endurance Racing – Summit Point

Last month my wife and I, along with some friends from work, drove to Summit Point Motorsports Park to watch part of the American Endurance Racing (AER) series. We had a friend with a team racing in the series and it was awesome to get close to the track and see their setup for managing the race. For folks not familiar with AER, it’s a road racing series where cars race for 9 hours straight, with a mandatory minimum number of stops (to avoid giving too much of an advantage to cars that have fuel cells, if I understand it correctly). Most of the teams have at least 3 to 4 drivers and will switch out drivers when they make the stops. There is some variance in the cars but I would say the majority of vehicles at this particular AER event were older (80s-90s) BMW 3 series. Our friend’s team drove the red Nissan 240SX in the first pic below.



Had to get a shot of the DudeStang with a Ferrari in the background šŸ™‚

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