República Portuguesa Part 3 – Road Trip Continued

A few thoughts on driving in Portugal – it’s a significantly less aneurysm-inducing experience than driving in the United States. It’s a refreshing feeling seeing the vast majority of drivers keep to the right lane except to pass, use their turn signals, and successfully navigate various roundabouts. Left lane driving speed limits are suggested, which would be more scary if everyone sucked at driving. But no, in Portugal everyone knows how to drive, so it’s not scary at all. It’s wonderful. Dear fellow Americans, I promise if you learned the concept of “keep right except to pass”, driving would be a better experience….for all of us. Also, get off your fucking smart phones while you’re behind the wheel.

Moving on….

From Obidas, we drove to Evora, another town surrounded by castle walls, but one that was a bit larger. It didn’t have the small castle city charm of Obidas, but it was still pretty nice and we spent a couple of hours walking around, checking out the sites. Most of the cathedrals had a cover charge, which we weren’t keen on paying. Sorry, Jesus.


The last few days of our trip were spent in Lagos, a beautiful resort city on the southern coast. We stayed at a place called the Cascade Wellness Resort, which was overall a pretty pleasant experience. One thing that was a little strange is that there were no beds larger than a single. Our room had two single beds pushed together, and that was apparently the only option. I suppose it’s possible we were lied to. Either way, a little bit odd.

We enjoyed the last few days in Portugal by trying to relax and eat good food. We visited a number of the nearby beaches, enjoyed the spa and various pools at the resort, and spent some time walking around downtown Lagos. We ate quite a few meals at the hotel and I can’t remember the names of the restaurants that we did visit in Lagos except for one place – Beats & Burritos. Worth a visit for a late night bite and a beer or two. Anyways, there isn’t a ton I can say about Lagos that captures the beauty better than the photos. Here’s some pics from Lagos, including from the many beaches and a boat ride we took around the cliffs and rock formations.


The view from our room at the resort



Looks like something from the Goonies 🙂 



Mini Capitan!


One of the more secluded beaches we visited – it was a bit of a trek downhill to get here 


The beach from the path down


Portugal is a beautiful country with incredible natural beauty, stunning architecture, delicious food, and warm, friendly people. The roads were a joy to drive on and the weather in September was pretty much perfect. We definitely could have spent another day or two there on this trip and will certainly plan to visit there again. Thanks for reading.

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