República Portuguesa Part 1

My wife and I traveled to Portugal last week. Despite the best efforts of our clueless Lyft driver who tried to take us to Maryland, we made it to the airport in time to catch a red eye flight from Dulles to Lisbon. While in Lisbon, we stayed at the Double Tree in the Fontana Park neighborhood. The hotel was nice and in a decent location, but the hallways were a little bizarre. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a hotel, or any building really, where everything was black.


We spent two days wandering around Lisbon, mostly by foot, with occasional trips on the Metropolitano de Lisboa (the metro). Our one attempt at taking a bus resulted in a trip in the wrong direction, a feeling of defeat, and plenty of self-deprecating laughter. We also thought about taking a ride on the famous street car, but most of the ones we came across were packed pretty tight, and the uphill example we found had a pretty long queue.


A tuk-tuk and a street car in the same shot with the water in the background. Lucky timing!


Putting our new GoPro to good use in Lisbon

I was excited to learn that there was an El Corte Ingles in Lisbon. My first trip to one of these stores occurred in Madrid three years ago. I’m not normally one to get super excited about clothing purchases, except maybe sneakers and t-shirts, but in that first trip I bought the best belt I’ve ever owned. I’ve had the belt for over three years and worn it almost every day and it’s still in great shape. I bought three more on this trip and I’d like to think I could might be able to live out the rest of my days without ever having to buy another belt. 🙂 If you ever find yourself at an El Corte Ingles, keep an eye out for the “Dustin” belts. You’re welcome.

Other highlights of our couple of days in Lisbon included a lot of uphill walking in the Alfama neighborhood. We were rewarded with the first of a number of beautiful views of the city.



We also found the world’s most perfect 1980’s Corolla hatchback example. Seriously, this thing looked mint.

More beautiful views, pastel de nata, and stories from our road tripping around Portugal, coming shortly in part dois. Stay tuned.

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