Oh Lort, that Shelby & the American Muscle Mustang Show

I had plans to write more about the new Supra (so much for Mark Cinco part 2) but since it has been tested and reviewed by a plethora of journalists and automotive YouTubers, I’ll just suggest checking out reviews from the standard mags, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, and Road & Track, and checking out YouTube channels like The Smoking Tire, Doug DeMuro, Matt Maran, and Engineering Explained. I wish I could say I’m not jealous of all those guys who’ve had the opportunity to test drive the new Supra, but I’d be lying.

As I mentioned in my last post, the other car I was most excited to see at the Washington Auto Show was the new Shelby GT500 Mustang. I was blown away when official photos of the new Shelby were finally revealed a few months back but seeing it in person was equally impressive. Visually, Ford’s new flagship Mustang is the perfect mix of smooth and aggressive. It stands out enough that even the casual observer knows it’s a special car but it’s still clear that it’s a Mustang. At the Auto Show, I also saw a Corvette ZR1 in person for the first time, another car I love, and I just felt like even with the ZR1’s aggressive styling, the Shelby stood out so much more to me than the Vette (I will admit, I’m not a huge fan of the standard cherry-ish red on the Corvette versus the darker, maroon red on the Shelby. I gave the Supra a pass on the red because it’s a completely new car). Seriously, look at these things. They both look incredible but that Shelby….oh lord.

I’m only like two months late in getting this follow-up post, so late that I’m now able to complete the second part with an update from a Mustang show that I attended on June 15th.  American Muscle, a company that sells tons of aftermarket parts for Mustangs, hosted the show, which included drag racing, a burnout competition, a dyno competition (a dynamometer is a device used to measure a vehicle’s horsepower and torque), lots of vendor and performance shop booths and displays, and of course a plethora of Mustangs across the generations parked as far as you can see. I have never seen so many Mustangs in one place at one time. To keep my thoughts simple, it was fucking awesome.

I had a blast checking out as many of the cars as we could see and while there were lots of great examples of newer (2015+) Stangs and some beautiful classics, I was most excited about some of the SN95 Stangs on display, particularly the 1994-1998 examples. My next blog post is actually going to be based on some research and reading I’ve been doing on SN95 Mustangs and how important they are to the Mustang’s legacy. In the meanwhile, here are a few of the SN95s I liked most from this weekend.

IMG-7593IMG-7583IMG-7580IMG-7567Edit: just realized I couldn’t end this post without including some shots of the super clean Fox Body Mustangs from the show.

IMG-7621IMG-7649 (1)IMG-7645IMG-7643IMG-7650

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