Guatemala hot hatch

I probably shouldn’t need the motivation that comes from a friend saying “hey, what happened to your blog”, but I’ve kind of been here waiting for it. My last trip to the Bell didn’t serve up much inspiration but it did serve up a delicious quesarito. That creamy chipotle sauce and nacho cheese. Yes please.

I took a trip to Guatemala recently and was pleasantly surprised to see a number of Taco Bells throughout Guatemala City, along with a plethora of other typical American restaurant chains. Seeing McDonald’s isn’t surprising but seeing Applebee’s `and a number of other once quintessential American chains throughout the Central American capital was a bit of a shock. The memes depicting the death of some of these long running chains are myriad. I wish I had some profound insight about the cultural or economic transfer of these chains but this was just a pretty basic and not so insightful observation. I think it’s also worth noting that most of the food I had in Guatemala was really tasty. I probably ate way too much red meat but I did have one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life there. It was a 32 oz ribeye. I managed to crush the entire thing, as well as two (kind of small) potatoes and some creamed corn. I didn’t get to see a ton of the city because it was a work trip but the views from the hotel were nice. IMG-3158

One of my favorite things about being in other countries, besides trying all the food, is seeing what types of vehicles are in their market. I didn’t see a ton of stuff that stuck out on this particular trip but I did see a Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, a little hot hatch that looked to be from the early to mid 90s that I don’t recall ever seeing in the U.S. This isn’t the greatest photo but it was the only one I could get. I’d love to have a go in one of these. Probably pretty lightweight and fun to mob around in, but preferably not during Guatemalan rush hour. These are the types of vehicles I wish Americans appreciated more. Sure we get the GTI, Golf R, Civic Type R, and a few others but we’ve missed out on some great wagons and hatches over the decades. Get it together, America. Practicality is its own style.


As I’m writing this, I’m realizing I should probably consolidate and organize some of my photos from my recent travels and share them on the blog. Stand by…hopefully not for six months.


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