Naked Chicken Chalupa Returns & DudeStang Mods

The NBA playoffs are done so I don’t have an excuse to not spend at least a little bit of time writing for the next few months…

My last post was about the tragedy of Taco Bell’s best offerings only being available temporarily. Someone from high above at Taco Bell must have read about my sorrows because the Naked Chicken Chalupa recently re-appeared on the menu, in two variations! You can now get your Naked Chicken Chup Chup in mild or wild. It’s also worth noting that the meal deal is a steal! It’s only $6.04 (including tax) for a Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa, two crispy tacos, and a beverage of your choice (Mountain Dew please). For those of you that live in what I like to call “regular America”, that probably doesn’t sound all that out of the ordinary. For those of us that live in ridiculously expensive metropolitan areas where seemingly everything is overpriced, it’s a lunch bargain!IMG-3304 (1)

It’s unfortunate that eating fast food regularly isn’t healthy, because regular trips to Taco Bell during the work week would probably save me 15-20 bucks a week. That’s 60-80 bucks a month that could go towards Mustang parts, my Porsche savings piggy bank, or more responsible shit like retirement savings or a house. Are you listening Taco Bell scientists?! There has to be a way to make fast food healthier, or at least make salad taste more like the Naked Chicken Chalupa (or pizza, that would be cool too). Anyways, I was so excited by the revival of the NCC that I forgot to check if the beefy potato-rito had also made a comeback. For the sake of my belly, that’s probably fine. It’s Saturday and I needed some inspiration to do some writing

On the Mustang front, I recently installed a Barton short throw shifter and rear Koni Orange shocks with S&R lowering springs (1.5 inch drop), on the DudeStang, as I like to call my car. I am still waiting for parts to piece together the front suspension and then will be installing the Koni struts, Roush lowering springs (1 inch drop est.), and J&M caster camber plates. I’m still considering whether to upgrade the upper control arm and add LCA relocation brackets but I think with just the shocks/struts/springs and an alignment, the car should handle considerably better than stock, and be a bit more fun for at least the next few months. One thing I do need to mention that is a big pain in the ass on these S197 Mustangs is that you have to get underneath the car when installing a shifter. In my old TransAm and my buddy Ben’s New Edge (2002) Mustang, I recall just being able to do the installation sitting inside the car. On the S197s there’s a shifter bracket that needs to be loosened, that can only be accessed from below the car. I don’t know if this is the case on the 2015+ Mustangs but I sure as hell hope not.

I have plans to start a series of blog posts related to modifying the DudeStang but for now I will just say I’m happy with the recent mods because it appears as though the rear suspension changes helped get rid of the annoying wheel-hop on hard launches, and the shifter is pretty fun to row the gears with.

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